Supported Input for SharePoint Code Analysis

The SharePoint code analysis can analyze the following input:

  • SharePoint solutions (.wsp) for SharePoint 2007/2010/2013
  • SharePoint 2013 apps

The code within .wsp and .app files is extracted and the contained files are analyzed by the SharePoint code analyzer. This includes:

  • SharePoint artefacts in XML files, like Features, ContentTypes, ListTemplates
  • Assemblies (.dll)
  • ASP.NET files, like controls (.ascx), pages (.aspx) and master pages (.master)

Supported SharePoint Project Types

SharePoint developers typically use different tools and templates to create SharePoint projects in Visual Studio. The add-in for Visual Studio can be used with SharePoint projects which have been created with one of the following tools:

In this Section

About Information about the intention and evolutionary history of SPCAF.
System Requirements Describes the required compontents for SPCAF.
Creators Information about the team behind SPCAF.
SDK Intructions and samples how to extend SPCAF.
Rulesets Rulesets in SPCAF are files with extension '.spruleset' which configure the analysis process and define, which rules are disabled during analysis.
How To's Instruction how to use SPCAF optimal in your development process.
License Information about the license for using SPCAF.
Release notes List of changes and fixes in each release.
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