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Third Party Analyzers


WSPs often contain different filetypes like Assemblies (.dll), Stylesheets (.css) or JavaScripts (.js) which can be analyzed by third party analysis tools. SPCAF can integrate third party analysis tools and can "hand over" files from the WSP/App package. The output of these tools is then integrated into the reports of SPCAF.

Category Index

Category Description
CAT.NET Runs CAT.NET analysis tool to search for security leaks.
CSSLint Runs CSSLint analysis tool.
SPDisposeCheck Runs SPDisposeChecker analysis tool to search for memory leaks. Attention: SPDisposeChecker ingores violations in SharePoint 2013 project.
FxCop Runs FxCop analysis tool to improve code quality.
FxCop Metrics Runs FxCop Metrics analysis tool to calculate code metrics for your .NET code.
JSHint Runs JSHint analysis tool which checks for issues in JavaScript files.
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