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SPF059802: Specify TypeScript linting rules

Specify TypeScript linting rules to use when verifying TypeScript code

CheckId SPF059802
TypeName LintConfigExists
Severity Error
Type Project

Each SharePoint Framework project should define the TypeScript validation rules using the 'config\tslint.json' file.

config\tslint.json example

  // Display errors as warnings
  "displayAsWarning": true,
  // The TSLint task may have been configured with several custom lint rules
  // before this config file is read (for example lint rules from the tslint-microsoft-contrib
  // project). If true, this flag will deactivate any of these rules.
  "removeExistingRules": true,
  // When true, the TSLint task is configured with some default TSLint "rules.":
  "useDefaultConfigAsBase": false,
  // Since removeExistingRules=true and useDefaultConfigAsBase=false, there will be no lint rules
  // which are active, other than the list of rules below.
  "lintConfig": {
    // Opt-in to Lint rules which help to eliminate bugs in JavaScript
    "rules": {
      "class-name": false,
      "export-name": false,
      "forin": false,
      "label-position": false,
      "label-undefined": false,
      "member-access": true,
      "no-arg": false,
      "no-console": false,
      "no-construct": false,
      "no-duplicate-case": true,
      "no-duplicate-key": false,
      "no-duplicate-variable": true,
      "no-eval": false,
      "no-function-expression": true,
      "no-internal-module": true,
      "no-shadowed-variable": true,
      "no-switch-case-fall-through": true,
      "no-unnecessary-semicolons": true,
      "no-unused-expression": true,
      "no-unused-imports": true,
      "no-unused-variable": true,
      "no-unreachable": true,
      "no-use-before-declare": true,
      "no-with-statement": true,
      "semicolon": true,
      "trailing-comma": false,
      "typedef": false,
      "typedef-whitespace": false,
      "use-named-parameter": true,
      "valid-typeof": true,
      "variable-name": false,
      "whitespace": false,
      "prefer-const": true

To suppress this violation in XML SharePoint code add the following comment right before the XML tag which causes the rule violation. Learn more about SuppressMessage here.

<!-- "SuppressMessage":{"rule":"SPF059802:LintConfigExists","justification":"Provide reason for suppression here"} -->
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