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Do not define CAS Policies

The assemblies in a farm solution in SharePoint 2010 could be deployed with Custom Access Security (CAS) policies. Such policies are ignored in SharePoint 2013; all assemblies in farm solutions in SharePoint 2013 run with full trust.

CheckId SPC150101
TypeName DoNotDeployCASPolicies
Severity Warning
Type PolicyItem

Remove CAS Policies from manifest.xml. See sample below:

<Solution SolutionId="..." SharePointProductVersion="15.0" xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/sharepoint/" >
         <PermissionSet class="NamedPermissionSet" version="1">
            <IPermission class="SharePointPermission" version="1" ObjectModel="True" />
            <Assembly Name="MyCompany.Intranet.WebParts" Version="" PublicKeyBlob="..." />

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