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Correctness rules check the code for syntax errors.


Rule Description Type Severity
RCT010101: Don't use 'return false' in a React event handler To stop event propagation in React you should call the 'preventDefault' method on the 'event' object rather than returning 'false' React component Error
RCT010102: Style property of a React DOM element should be an object To define inline styles in React, you need to specify them as an object rather than a string React component Error
RCT010103: Don't specify children when using dangerouslySetInnerHTML When using 'dangerouslySetInnerHTML' don't specify children elements React component Error
RCT010104: Don't pass HTML as a string to the 'dangerouslySetInnerHTML' property To specify HTML to render using the 'dangerouslySetInnerHTML' use the '__html' property React component Error
RCT010105: Don't use Generator as a child of a React element When working with generator functions, don't use the returned Generator object directly as a child of a React element React component Error
RCT010106: Don't check the 'array.length' property when conditionally rendering elements To avoid rendering empty arrays, you should explicitly check the array for items using 'array.length > 0' React component Error
RCT010107: React lifecycle method doesn't return a valid value React lifecycle methods must return correct values React component Error
RCT010108: Don't override React component methods supported only in createReactClass() in ES6 class component When building ES6 class components, don't override React component methods that are supported only in the 'createReactClass' API React component Error
RCT010109: Don't specify React event handlers as a string When specifying event handlers in React, always specify them using a function and not a string React component Error
RCT010110: Don't use invalid CSS style names and values When working with CSS styles in React, you need to ensure that the names and values of properties are valid in React React component Error
RCT010111: Don't use the return value of the 'ReactDOM.render()' method When working with the 'ReactDOM.render()' method don't use its return value TypeScript file Warning
RCT010112: Don't use incorrectly spelled React APIs When calling React APIs, pay extra attention that they are properly spelled React component Error
RCT010113: Don't use incorrect casing for DOM attributes and properties in React DOM attributes and properties in React must be used camel-cased React component Error
RCT010114: Don't access special React properties Don't access the values of the 'ref' and 'key' special React properties directly React component Error
RCT010115: The initial state in an ES6 class component is not an object The initial state in an ES6 class component must be set to an object React component Error
RCT010116: Don't call 'setState' in the specific lifecycle methods Don't call 'setState' in the specific lifecycle methods React component Error
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