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Feature Level Dependencies

Retrieves dependencies on a feature level.


Rule Description Type Severity
SPD012111: Feature references Receiver in Assembly Feature can reference Assembly in attribute 'ReceiverAssembly' Feature Information
SPD012112: Feature references Image Feature can reference an image in attribute 'ImageUrl' Feature Information
SPD012113: Feature activates Feature Feature can activate other Features in 'ActivationDependencies' Feature Information
SPD012114: Feature references UpgradeReceiver in Assembly Feature can reference Assembly in 'UpgradeActions.ReceiverAssembly' Feature Information
SPD015201: ContentType references Field ContentType can reference Fields ContentType Information
SPD015202: ContentType inherits from ContentType ContentType typically inherits from a ContentType ContentType Information
SPD015203: ContentType references Receiver in Assembly ContentType can reference an Assembly in Receivers ContentType Information
SPD015301: Module references ElementFiles Module can reference a ElementFile in the same Feature Module Information
SPD015302: Module references TemplateFiles Module can reference a TemplateFile via attribute 'SetupPath' Module Information
SPD015401: ListInstance references ListTemplate A ListInstance can reference a ListTemplate in attribute 'TemplateType' ListInstance Information
SPD015402: ListInstance references Feature A ListInstance can reference a Feature in attribute 'FeatureId' ListInstance Information
SPD015403: ListInstance references ListDefinition via CustomSchema A ListInstance can reference a ListDefinition in attribute 'CustomSchema' ListInstance Information
SPD015601: ContentTypeBinding references ContentType ContentTypeBinding references a ContentType in attribute 'ContentTypeId' ContentTypeBinding Information
SPD015602: ContentTypeBinding references ListInstance ContentTypeBinding references a ListInstance in attribute 'ListUrl' ContentTypeBinding Information
SPD015701: CustomAction references Assembly CustomAction can reference an Assembly in attribute 'ControlAssembly' CustomAction Information
SPD015702: Custom Action references TemplateFile in URLAction CustomAction can reference an file in attribute 'UrlAction' CustomAction Information
SPD015703: Custom Action references Images CustomAction can reference an image in child 'CommandUIExtension' CustomAction Information
SPD015704: CustomAction references CustomActionGroup CustomAction can reference a CustomActionGroup in attribute 'GroupId' CustomAction Information
SPD015705: Custom Action Ribbon references Images CustomAction Ribbon can reference an image in child 'CommandUIExtension' CustomAction Information
SPD015706: Custom Action Ribbon references Page CustomAction Ribbon can reference an page in child 'CommandUIHandler' CustomAction Information
SPD016001: Receiver references Assembly EventReceiver references an assembly in attributes 'Assembly' and 'Class' which contains the code of the receiver. Receiver Information
SPD016101: Control references Assembly DelegateControl references an assembly in attribute 'ControlAssembly' and 'ControlClass' which contains the code of the control. DelegateControl Information
SPD016102: Control references ControlTemplate DelegateControl references a ControlTemplate in attribute 'ControlSrc' which contains the code of the control. DelegateControl Information
SPD016201: Workflow references Assembly Workflow references an Assembly in attribute 'CodeBesideAssembly' Workflow Information
SPD016202: Workflow references ContentType Workflow references ContentType in attriute 'TaskListContentTypeId' Workflow Information
SPD016401: WebPart references Assembly WebPart references an Assembly in child 'Assembly' WebPart Information
SPD025501: ListTemplate references Image ListTemplate can reference an image in attribute 'Image' ListTemplate Information
SPD027001: TemplateAssocation references Feature TemplateAssocation references Feature in attriute 'Id' TemplateAccociation Information
SPD027002: TemplateAssocation references SiteTemplate TemplateAssocation references SiteTemplate in attriute 'TemplateName' TemplateAccociation Information
SPD027504: ListDefinition references ContentType ListDefinition references ContentType List Information
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