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SharePoint Supportability

Checks the supportability of your JavaScript code.


Rule Description Type Severity
SPC038902: Consider the use of a Namespace registration method, instead of object chains Warning, do not declare code in the global namespace directly. Instead consider using the $_global_ namespace pattern with a Namespace registration method, this will ensure correct execution with the MDS garbage collector JavaScriptFile Warning
SPC038903: Variable names considered reserved for SharePoint Some variable names are considered reserved in SharePoint Context JavaScriptFile Warning
SPC038904: Consider to use built in helper method, instead of type checking null, and undefined Consider to use built in helper method from SharePoint (SP.ScriptUtility isNullOrEmptyString, isNullorUndefined, isUndefined and truncateToInt), instead of type checking null, and undefined JavaScriptFile Warning
SPC038905: Consider to not use $ Consider to not use $ in your code in SharePoint 2010 directory. The $ variable is registered by SharePoint for the CMS Site Manager, and the Asset Portal Browser. JavaScriptFile Warning
SPC038906: Warning, document.all only works in IE8 Warning, document.all only works in IE8, and is not supported in ECMAScript JavaScriptFile Warning
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