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Best Practice

Rules to warn if common best practices are not used.


Rule Description Type Severity
SPC059101: Avoid usage of $ErrorActionPreference Using $ErrorActionPreference can create some strange behavior by purposfuly disabling errors from happening. Potential errors should be checked for with an if statement before they can happen, or be caught in a try-catch-finally. PowerShell File CriticalWarning
SPC059102: Do not use Write-Host Write-Host is never needed in PowerShell CmdLets. Instead use the correct Write-<verb> for your situation. Write-Error for Errors, Write-Debug for debug, Write-Verbose for extra informaiton on request. PowerShell File Information
SPC059103: Do not write code in the global scope Assignment to variables and usage of variables, in the global scope can cause value conflicts across scripts. It is recommended to use methods and local variables where possible. PowerShell File Warning
SPC059104: Avoid using Backticks (`) to spread code over multiple lines Backticks are used to spread lines of code in PowerShell over multiple lines. The downside is that they are difficult to see and hard to maintain and grasp a clear intent for the code structure. PowerShell File Warning
SPC059105: Use [CmdletBinding()] with Write Verbose/Debug CmdletBinding allows usage of -Verbose and -Debug switches to apply to the contents of methods in the PowerShell Script and should be applied where Write-Verbose or Write-Debug CmdLets are used. PowerShell File Warning
SPC059106: Do not use CmdLet Aliases Do not use CmdLet aliases with the exceptions of "cat", "cp", "curl", "diff", "echo", "kill", "ls", "man", "mount", "mv", "ps", "pwd", "rm", "sleep", "tee", "type", "wget" which are acceptable and whitelisted. PowerShell File Error
SPC059107: Do not default true switch parameter Using a default value of true on a switch property will have undesired results. PowerShell File CriticalError
SPC059108: Exported CmdLets should include comment help Comments should be provided which supple the help context of the Exported CmdLet for use with Get-Help. PowerShell File Information
SPC059109: Provide verbose messaging for the end user Verbose messaging can allow indepth program flow when required to the end user, allowing CmdLets to be more easily used especially in cases where an error occurs. PowerShell File Information
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