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Provides information about provisionable FieldTypes.

CheckId SPT402201
TypeName FieldTypeInventory
Severity Information
Type FieldType

General Notes

Custom Field Types, while powerful, introduce a complex to maintain environment, and can possibly block upgrades. For this reason it is strongly recommended to not use custom fields and use other types of technology to implement similar functionality

As of SharePoint 2013 it is possible to create a display template based upon JavaScript code, and associate that display template with various artifacts, like fields, lists, webparts and search results.


Find usage of your custom field in your environment. Create a new field, based upon the base field type that is used in your custom field. Then write code, or a script, to move the data over from the custom field to the new created field.


As there is no easy conversion possible for custom fields, we provide you with a base display template for a field, where we modified code to reflect the name of the field type we discovered in your customization packages. Associate the new display template with a field based upon the same base type as the custom field.

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