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Provides information about deployed Fields.

CheckId SPT405101
TypeName FieldInventory
Severity Information
Type Field

General Notes

Custom Fields are not supported in the add-in model anymore, and you are required to create fields based upon the default field types available with SharePoint. Any customizations to the fields when it comes to rendering etc. will have to be provisioning as a display template.

While technically supported, it is advisable for maintaince reasons to not provision fields directly to a list.

Field provisioning in the Add-In model requires that you have the Field CAML availalbe. After the field has been created the various properties of the field can be modified.


Analyze your solutions and gather information about all fields, both available as site columns, but also available directly in a list. Consider refactoring your solution to only provision site columns (e.g. columns that are provisioned ot the rootweb Fields collection).

Code Examples

Basic CSOM, JSOM and REST code examples utilize the field CAML as available in the elements.xml file in your solution. The PnP CSOM and PnP PowerShell code examples utilize a different approach to create a field. As certain properties are not available in initially during field creation, an additional request might have to be send to server. This is code is dynamically added to the code examples and is artifact dependent.

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