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Custom Actions

Provides information about deployed Custom Actions.

CheckId SPT405701
TypeName CustomActionInventory
Severity Information
Type CustomAction

Custom Actions can be deployed to two scopes: Site Collection and Web scope. When a Custom Action is deployed to a Site Collection scope, the action will be made available to the rootweb and all (current and future) subwebs within that site collection.

The code templates generated for this custom action look at the scope of the parent feature, and based upon that show the code on how to provision the custom action using the Add-In model.

Notice that in the FTC model it is very common to provision a custom action that references a Layout Page (a page located in the Layouts folder of the SharePoint Server root). While on-premises it is possible to provision such a file, in the add-in model it is not possible to upload a file to that folder. The file referenced needs to be available in the site collection and this might require additional transformation actions.

Typical use of a custom action in add-in model is to use them to reference external javascript files or add a javascript file reference to all pages in the site(s).

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