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Web Parts

Provides information about deployable Web Parts artifacts.

CheckId SPT506401
TypeName WebPartInventory
Severity Information
Type WebPart

General Notes

WebParts, both classic and Visual should are not supported in SharePoint Online. While they still work in SharePoint On-premises, it is advisable to find other ways of providing similar functionality.

SharePoint Online will support the SharePoint Framework which is able to provide similar functionality as a traditional webpart. SharePoint Framework webparts are typically developed using TypeScript and a framework like React, Angular or Knockout.

SharePoint Add-ins are typically coded in C#, and are hosted on a separate server. This approach is still valid and is recommended in scenarios where more complex C# needs to be transformed to a client solution.


Analyze the functionality of the webpart and consider possible ways forward, be it a SharePoint Framework webpart or a SharePoint Add-in.


We analyzed your webpart and extracted the code that is generated in the webpart to render the UI. We generated a base outline of the UI in a SharePoint Framework webpart which contains these UI components. Business logic will have to be transformed manually.

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