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Provides information about all TimerJobs.

CheckId SPT656001
TypeName TimerJobInventory
Severity Information
Type Assembly

The add-in model has no constructs for timerjobs. There are several other ways of mimicking timerjobs though:

  • Schedule Task that runs on-premises on a server
  • A Windows Service, installed and running on an on-premises server or a virtual machine in the cloud
  • An Azure Web Job

The Office 365 Patterns and Practices Core library has a framework for creating timerjobs, handling multi-threading and authentication in an elegant way. See the PNP CSOM tab for an implementation. For other possible implementations, being it a scheduled task or an Azure Web Job, a relatively simple console application will do.

We cannot transform the actual code of the timerjob, but we added the original decompiled code to the various implementations, including any called methods that are present in the timerjob class.

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