SPC040701: Do not make SiteDefinition visible in the whole farm

Site definitions are visible in the whole farm by default. The attribute 'VisibilityFeatureDependency' provides a way to hide the site definition depending on an activated feature.

TypeName: TemplateConfigurationShouldNotBeVisibleInWholeFarm
CheckId: SPC040701
Severity: Warning
Type: Configuration

Configurations in a SiteDefinition should not be visible in the whole farm. Use attribute 'VisibilityFeatureDependency' to hide the site template depending on activated features.

<Templates xmlns:ows="Microsoft.SharePoint">
  <Template Name="RESEARCH" ID="10001">
    <Configuration ID="0" Title="Research Collaboration site"
      Hidden="FALSE" ImageUrl="_layouts/images/stsprev.jpg"  
      Description="This definition creates a site for the Research  
      team to create, organize, and share general information."  
      DisplayCategory="Research & Development">

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