Warnings that checking proper solution design.


Rule Description Type Severity
SPC040102: Declare attribute 'Title' and 'Description' in Solutions To make it easier to identify Solutions in the Solution Gallery in SharePoint the attributes 'Title' and 'Description' should be declared. Solution Warning
SPC040208: Define AssemblyFileVersion in Assembly In SharePoint changing the AssemblyVersion very frequently can lead to problems, because the full name of the assembly could be used in features or webparts. However, to identify the version of the assembly the attribute 'AssemblyFileVersion' should be used (used with same major version but incremented minor version, build etc.) AssemblyFileReference CriticalWarning
SPC040209: Do not store Urls hardcoded in Assembly Remove hard coded Urls from the code and make them configurable. AssemblyFileReference CriticalWarning
SPC040212: Do not create ContentTypes in code ContentTypes should be created declaratively in XML and not in code. AssemblyFileReference Warning
SPC040213: Do not inherit WebParts from Microsoft.SharePoint.WebPartPages.WebPart WebParts should be inherited from the ASP.NET Webpart (System.Web.UI.WebControls.WebParts.WebPart). Do not inherit from the SharePoint WebPart. AssemblyFileReference CriticalWarning
SPC040701: Do not make SiteDefinition visible in the whole farm Site definitions are visible in the whole farm by default. The attribute 'VisibilityFeatureDependency' provides a way to hide the site definition depending on an activated feature. Configuration Warning
SPC042101: Declare attribute 'Description' in Features A Feature should contain a description of the purpose of a Feature in attribute 'Description'. Feature CriticalWarning
SPC042102: Declare attribute 'Version' in Features A feature should contain a valid version number in attribute 'Version'. This may be necessary to use FeatureUpgrade method to allow updates in the future. Feature CriticalWarning
SPC042103: Make Features with scope 'Farm' or 'WebApplication' visible Feature of scope 'Farm' or 'WebApplication' should not be hidden. They are not visible for the farm administrator in the Central Administration and cannot be deactivated via the UI e.g. in case of problems. If the feature is visible in the Central Administration the farm administrator can easier identify available and activated features. Feature CriticalWarning
SPC042104: Consider to make Feature with scope 'Web' or 'Site' hidden Consider to make Features with scope 'Web' or 'Site' hidden to avoid activation via the UI. Feature CriticalWarning
SPC042106: Declare attribute 'Title' and 'Description' in FeatureActivitationDependencies To make it easier to identify feature activation dependencies the attributes title and description should contain the title and description of the referenced feature. FeatureActivationDependencyDefinition Warning
SPC042107: Define attribute 'ReceiverAssembly' in Feature as full qualified assembly name If a Feature references an Assembly in attribute 'ReceiverAssembly' the given value should be a full qualified assembly name (e.g. 'System.Data, Version=1.0.3300.0, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089'). Although the order of the values in the assembly name is not mandatory a well-formed assembly name improves readability of the XML code. Feature CriticalWarning
SPC042201: Declare all FieldTypes in a single file If multiple FieldTypes are deployed by a Solution these FieldTypes should be store in a single XML file to avoid unnecessary files. FieldType CriticalWarning
SPC045201: Declare attribute 'Inherits' in ContentTypes In SharePoint 2010 the new attribute 'Inherits' for ContentTypes defines whether fields of the parent ContentType are inherited to the ContentType. For compatibility reasons to SharePoint 2007 this attribute should be specified. ContentTypeDefinition CriticalWarning
SPC045203: Define attribute 'ID' in ContentTypes uppercase The ID of a ContentType should by a GUID in uppercase letters to avoid problems when accessing ContentTypes in code. ContentTypeDefinition CriticalWarning
SPC045401: Declare 'TemplateType' and 'FeatureId' for external ListInstance If the ListInstance seems to be used for an external list, the correct TemplateType (600) should be used. ListInstanceDefinition CriticalWarning
SPC045801: Declare attribute 'Description' in CustomActionGroup CustomActionGroup should define attribute Description. CustomActionGroupDefinition CriticalWarning
SPC046101: Declare attribute 'Sequence' in DelegateControl. Attribute 'Sequence' should be declared to specify the sequence number for the control, which determines whether the control is added to the control tree for a page. The control with the lowest sequence number is added to the tree. DelegateControlDefinition CriticalWarning
SPC046102: Declare attribute 'Id' in DelegateControl. Attribute 'Id' should be declared. Otherwise the delegate control will never be added to a control container. DelegateControlDefinition CriticalWarning
SPC046401: Declare property 'Title' and 'Description' in WebPart A WebPart should contain the attribute title and description to provide meaningfull information to the end user which would add the web part to a page. WebPartFile CriticalWarning
SPC046901: Do not write in ASPX Pages 'Register' tags in a single line ASPX pages should write the Register tag in separate lines to improve readability of the code. Solution Warning
SPC046902: Avoid inline JavaScript in ASPX Pages ASPX pages should not contain JavaScript code. Use separate .JS files instead. ASPXFile Warning
SPC046903: Avoid inline CSS in ASPX Pages ASPX pages should not contain CSS code. Use separate .CSS files instead. ASPXFile Warning
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