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SPC019904: Add translation for a resource key

If attributes in SharePoint elements are localized with resources the resource key must be available in a resx file.

CheckId SPC019904
TypeName AddTranslationForResourceKey
Severity CriticalWarning
Type LocalizableProperty

There could be several reasons why the translation for the resource key could not be found:
- The resource file (.resx) is has not been created by the developer
- The resource file has been created but the WSP with the resource file is not part of the current analysis
- The resource file is available and part of the analysis, but the resource key is not present in the resource file

Depending on the reason for the error add a file with extension .resx to the solution and ensure that the resource key is present in the resx file. Follow the instructions on MSDN to localize SharePoint solutions (see links below).

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