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Localization is the process of customizing an application, webpage, or website for a given culture or locale. The localization rules check if all attributes in XML which support localization are localized in a proper way.


Rule Description Type Severity
SPC071011: Deploy all necessary .resx files for the supported locales For each supported locale in element 'SupportedLocales' a corresponding .resx file must be exist in the App. App Error
SPC071012: Deployed .resx files should have a corresponding entry 'SupportLocale' For each .resx file in an App a corresponding entry 'SupportLocale' in AppManifest should exist (except for 'Resources.resx'). Otherwise the .resx file should be removed from the App package. App Warning
SPC071013: Deploy a invariant language resource file ('Resources.resx') A invariant language resource file, (without a specific locale) should be contained in the App package with default values for all localized attributes. App Warning
SPC071021: Localize the title of an App Localize the attribute 'Title' of SharePoint apps to fully support localization. The title is what users see on the 'Your Apps' page. App Error
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