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Checks for ascertaining performance level of the solution


Rule Description Type Severity
SPC220201: Avoid use of SPMonitoredScope in Render and OnInit methods To get all of the customcode included in the developer dashboard output, wrap it in a monitored scope, but avoid it using in OnInit and Render event handlers. Assembly Warning
SPC220202: Avoid Verbose Logging/Tracing in production code Verbose logging, or tracing information, can lead to huge log files which affect the performance. Assembly Warning
SPC220203: Do not retrieve SPListItemCollection inside loop Do not retrieve SPListItemCollection inside loop. Iterating through items of Sharepoint List, in every loop, if we request a new SPListItemCollection object when accessing the Items property. The Items property is not cached and therefore always requests all items from the database over and over again. Assembly CriticalWarning
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