SPC015211: Define attribute 'Inherits' to FALSE in ContentType if RemoveFieldRef are used

A content type should not have attribute 'Inherits' set to 'TRUE' if elements of type 'RemoveFieldRef' are used. Set Inherits to 'FALSE' or hide the not used columns with Hidden=TRUE to remove fields from a content type.

TypeName: DefineInheritsInContentTypeWithRemoveFiedRef
CheckId: SPC015211
Severity: CriticalWarning
Type: ContentTypeDefinition

A ContentType should not set 'Inherits' to TRUE because childs of type 'RemoveFieldRef' is used to remove fields from the content type. See sample below:

<ContentType ID="0x0101"
      <RemoveFieldRef ID="{ae069f25-3ac2-4256-b9c3-15dbc15da0e0}" Name="GUID" />


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