SPC016603: Define attribute 'ID' with curly brackets in RemoveFieldRef

The attribute 'ID' in elements of type 'RemoveFieldRef' should start and end with '}'. Otherwise they may not work correctly.

TypeName: DefineValidIDInRemoveFiedRef
CheckId: SPC016603
Severity: Error
Type: RemoveFieldRefDefinition

Add characters '{...}' at start and end of attribute 'ID' in element RemoveFieldRef. The field ID is the string representation of a GUID, including braces. The value is case sensitive. See sample below:

   <RemoveFieldRef ID="{67df98f4-9dec-48ff-a553-29bece9c5bf4}" Name="Attachments" />
   <RemoveFieldRef ID="{f1e020bc-ba26-443f-bf2f-b68715017bbc}" Name="WorkflowVersion" />

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