SPC015302: Add missing referenced File for Module

A Module in a Feature deploys files which are included in the feature as ElementFile. The rule checks if this referenced file is available or not.

TypeName: AddMissingModuleFileToFeature
CheckId: SPC015302
Severity: CriticalError
Type: ModuleDefinition

Ensure that the referenced File in a Module is available. Check the name and location of the File.

The deployment of the Feature may fail if SharePoint cannot find the referenced file.

See sample below:

<Elements xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/sharepoint/">
   <Module Name="ModuleWithFile">
      <File Path="ModuleWithFile\SampleFileSource.txt" Url="ModuleWithMissingFile/SampleFileUploaded.txt" />

In the sample above the file 'SampleFileSource.txt' must be available in the parent feature, in subfolder 'ModuleWithFile'.

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