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How to: Export rulesets to PDF or DOCX

SPCAF allows the configuration of the analysis process with ruleset files (see section "Rulesets" in this documentation).

To make it easier to share these rulesets with a development team and to document the rulesets you can export the ruleset to a DOCX or PDF file.

To export a ruleset file proceed as follows:

  1. Start the SPCAF Settings Editor on your desktop
  2. Create a new ruleset or open an existing ruleset
  3. Click "Export Ruleset" from the toolbar on the right
  4. Define in the shown dialog the parameters for the export:
    • Output Format: Choose between DOCX and PDF
    • Export Template: Choose between minimal, typical and full
    • Filename: Enter a filename for the generated document. By default the documents folder of the current user is displayed.

  5. After successful export, the DOCX or PDF file is automatically opened to check the results.
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