How to run analysis via SPCAF client

SharePoint code analysis comes with a client application which can be used to run an analysis of WSP files or apps. The client application is useful if an analysis in Visual Studio is not possible, e.g. because the source project is not available.

The client application can be started from the installation location C:\Program Files (x86)\SPCAF\SPCAF.Client.WPF.exe or via the start menu "SharePoint Code Analysis Application". The following screenshot shows the start screen of the client application.

The following main functions can be used with the client application.

New Quick AnalysisStarts a new quick analysis. Only select the .WSP or .APP files and start the analysis. The configured default ruleset is used.
New ProjectCreates a new project with a wizard. You can enter a project title and a description, select the .WSP or .APP files and can select the ruleset file for the analysis.
Open ProjectOpens a saved project. A saved project is a previously performed analysis.
View SampleDownloads and opens a sample project. It can be used to try out SPCAF with sample data.
Browse RulesProvides a list of all available rules.

Run an analysis

To run a SharePoint code analysis choose "New Project" or "Quick Analysis" on the start screen. A wizard is displayed to add the .WSP or .APP files for the analysis. Finishing the wizard starts the analysis immediately.

After finish of the analysis the results are presented in an overview dashboard. Click the tiles to dig deeper into the analysis results.

The created reports can be displayed within the client application or can be saved locally. HTML reports can be opened locally in the browser to print them out. Right click with the mouse to open the app bar and get access to the save button.

To visualize the results also charts are available. They help to identify most critical categories or solutions. Use the filters to narrow the results.

App Bar

Some views provide additional functions. These functions can be displayed by right mouse click which opens the app bar.

Navigation within the results

To navigate back and forth within the client application the back button and the tiles can be used. Besides that the menu in the header of each page can be used to navigate to the home page, to the parent page or to sibling pages.

Browse rules

The following screen show the installed rules grouped by their category. Use the filters to narrow the results and learn more about the applied rules during analysis.

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