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List Definitions

Provides information about deployed ListDefinitions.

CheckId SPT405501
TypeName ListDefinitionInventory
Severity Information
Type ListTemplate

List Templates are not recommended to use anymore, and are not supported using the add-in model. While the add-in model supports retrieving list templates, it is not possible create new list templates.

In order to provide similar functionality as a list template, e.g. a user creates a list based upon a template, we either recommend to build an Add-In with a user interface, allowing the user to select a predefined template, or to provide an external tool/site that can create lists based upon a template.

A template as such can be based upon pure C# code, JSOM code, REST code or for example a PnP Provisioning Engine template, where the last one comes the closest to a template as what used to be available with a List Template.

Regardless of the technology chosen, several actions to transform will have to be taken.

See http://dev.office.com/patterns-and-practices-detail/4739 for more information.

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